70+ Most Fashionable Wedding Dresses in Summer 2019

Although the wedding is a ritual that has existed since the ancient wedding dresses in the world, the history of the bride wearing a wedding dress at the wedding is less than 200 years. The prototype of the wedding dress should be attached to the front chest of the nobles of the ancient Greek Mino three generations of dynasty from 1700 to 1550 BC. The sleeves are tied to the elbows, chest and waist by the cords and under the breasts. Bell-shaped dress, overall tight fit clothing. The white gauze dress that the bride wears on the hem is originally a Catholic dress.

Since some countries in ancient Europe were a state of political and religious unity, people must go to church to accept the prayers and blessings of priests or pastors, so that they can be regarded as formal legal marriages. Therefore, the bride wears a white dress to express sincerity and purity to God.

Before the 19th century in the West, the bride’s dress worn by the girls did not have uniform color specifications. Until around 1820, white became the color of the dress for the wedding. This is because the Queen Victoria of England wore a white and elegant wedding dress at the wedding. Since then, the white wedding dress has become a formal wedding dress. Nowadays, some people do not understand the origin of the wedding dress, and they are ingenious, making the bride’s wedding dress into a pink or light blue color to show the gorgeous. In fact, according to Western customs, only remarried women, wedding dresses can use pink or lake blue and other colors to show the difference from the first marriage.


Some people think that wedding dresses can be as long as they like, but fashion sense is really important! Imagine if you were wearing a style that was popular a few years ago, how can guests see no jokes? If you see it again in the future, you will feel a bit earthy and regrettable. On the contrary, the fashion sense of the wedding dress is really better! It also highlights your fashion taste. When others praise you that “the wedding dress you wear today is really beautiful,” you will certainly be happier!

Today, we will spread a little “fashion bacteria” to everyone, telling us which wedding or wedding elements will be popular in 2019, so that everyone can do the most in this year, and be praised by girlfriends!

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