5 Recommendations For Your Wedding Bouquets

The bride’s bouquet is essential at the wedding. When the wedding day, the groom gently handed the flowers to the bride’s hand, from the door to the door.
The church bride has been holding this sweetness until the end of the wedding, throwing the bouquet to another woman who is looking forward to happiness… Love and hope are flying between the petals. Although it is just a bunch of small bouquets, it carries the happy love and happy future of the newcomer. A striking bouquet of flowers not only makes the bride’s styling more perfect, but also an important testimony to the bride’s happy moments!

The origin of the bride’s bouquet

Legend has it that the bride’s bouquet originated from an ancient custom. In the ancient West, the bouquet was like a flower ambassador. People thought that the strong fragrance and the vanilla could protect the people at the wedding from the mold. The violation of transport and disease, as time goes by and the accumulation of rituals, this custom has continued and developed into a very important part of modern weddings.

Received the meaning of the bride’s bouquet

Holding flowers itself means happiness and love. The ceremony of throwing flowers at the wedding ceremony is that the bride wants to send her love blessings to the next single sister. Hope she can hope that she can find her happiness as soon as possible.

Wedding bouquets series and suitable crowds

1. Round bouquet

The round bouquet is the most classic bridal bouquet at the wedding. The flower is changeable, not just limited to fresh flowers, but also made with eternal flowers. The full shape of the bouquet makes its flowers not easily blown away by the wind, and the bouquets are dignified and stable, suitable for brides who hold ceremonies in the church, and because the size of the round bouquet is moderate, it is highly recommended. Petite girls choose.

2. Natural bouquet

The combination of natural flowers and flowers is more casual and free. With a variety of flowers and green leaves, it is a natural fresh wedding bouquet with light gauze or satin tied at the stem. The shape of the whole bunch of flowers is relatively large, suitable for tall brides as wedding bouquets. For girls who like retro style or nature, this natural bouquet is your first choice.

3. Waterfall type holding flowers

The waterfall-shaped flower ball, also known as the “tailed bouquet” and “drop-shaped bouquet”, is the most classic and formal bridal bouquet in Western countries. This style was used in the wedding of the British royal family. The shape of this bouquet is very eye-catching. When the bride picks up the bouquet, the long tail hangs slowly from the bride’s hand, matching the bride’s white wedding dress, the overall look is both slim and elegant. This trailing hand is suitable for a full-bodied or tall bride, and the petite girl is carefully selected.

4. Crescent bouquet

It is a great alternative to more traditional styles of flowers, very stylish and perfect for modern style weddings. The elegant design of the bouquet can be gently placed on the bride’s arm as simple and refined as she likes. The flower stems are lined with gentle ribbons that look calm and generous. The popular flower selection bouquets are calla, gladiolus, orchid, long stem rose, delphinium, and Larkspur. The crescent bouquet is suitable for an intellectual, mature and elegant bride.

5. Small bouquet

As a classic and popular choice for the bride, the bouquet is small and can be held in the hand, and the flowers dominate the bouquet. These types of bouquets usually have a round shape and are wrapped with a ribbon. The difference between small bouquets and round bouquets is not large, but it is more free and changeable in terms of flower selection, and the packaging is more minimalist.

The above 5 bridal bouquets have their own characteristics, and choose the bouquets that suit your style and wedding theme, making your romantic wedding more precious and beautiful!