34+ Amazing Gorgeous Nails Art Designs 2019

Just arrived in early autumn, but the visual feast of Fall Fashion Week is long gone. In addition to the fashion that the designers are shocked, the nails of the model are also the trend of the next season.

Follow the big names to play with your fingertips. The following nail styles will let you know the trend of the season in advance, and carefully organize the tutorials to learn together!

Simple but luxurious design is the favorite of many temperament girls! The manicurist designed the manicure color to be beautiful. It feels like a part of the canvas is directly placed on your nails, and it is also equipped with geometric gold metal nail jewelry, which makes the superposition design more prominent. A sense of quality! Which color do you like?


A futuristic nail design! This color is simply! The first sight that people see is attracted. Don’t look at this is very simple. In fact, it is a test of the skill of the manicurist. What color and color are the most beautiful, and which colors will collide together. Sparks, only the first-class manicurist can do it. You see this manicure, the more you look at the color, the more beautiful it will be under natural light and under the light! It’s so fascinating!

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