33+ Lovely and Trendy Blue Nail Art Designs 2019

Recently, I have shared a lot of bright color nails with you, such as some shiny nails, and red nails that little fairies like very much. In summer, these dazzling nails will make your fingertips even more Eye-catching.

However, there are also many girls who would like to try some other colors, remove the summer theme, and let the nails return to the charm of the nail art. So today I will share this nail color for everyone, it will be a very good choice!


Blue can be reminiscent of the sky and the ocean. It feels very pure. It looks good and feels peaceful. The blue manicure is also very good. Different blues give people a completely different feeling. Today I recommend to you 33 best Blue nail art designs.

Compared to the red manicure, blue seems to be suitable for more occasions, and less excessively feminine but still without losing the atmosphere.

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