33+ Fascinating Purple Nail Art Design To Inspire You

What color is autumn? The first thing that people think of may be golden leaves, or some dull colors. In this season, a lot of grasses are beginning to turn gray, giving people a feeling that is not so bright, so today I want to give everyone Sharing a bright color manicure will make you more attractive this season.

So I want to share with you the purple manicures. Purple is a very beautiful nail color, which is the love of many girls. Compared with the sexy red, the purple manicure will be more temperamental, especially the purple, very age-reducing, and hidden a bit of mysterious charm, so beautiful.


Purple manicure is not picking the season. In summer, we can make a relatively naked effect. The fingertips will look cooler. In the autumn and winter, you can choose a purple with a higher saturation. It has a complexion, a matte texture and a very temperament. Purple is a versatile nail color.

No matter what style of nail art is used, purple will not be covered with brilliance, it will become the highlight of the whole nail, let your nails become the focus of everyone’s eyes.

After reading these nails, have you been attracted by purple? Purple manicure is really very tensiony, it can be gentle and romantic, it can be fashionable, it can be cool, in short, purple can give the feeling you like.

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