30+ Hottest Solid Color Nail Designs in Summer 2019

The original nails, only simple solid color, and later developed to smudge, diamond, gradient, etc., the style of nail art is gradually more, but solid color nail art has always been a timeless choice, many stars are solid color nail art lovers. Solid color manicure is the most versatile, and it is not easy to step on the thunder. As long as the color and the skin color match properly, the solid color manicure is absolutely bright! This time, we will show you 30 solid color nail designs, so that you can have more inspiration in your choice.

Summer is a rainy season. After the rain, the rainbow flashed in the sky and it was fresh and beautiful. If you bring the rainbow element design to give you a cool atmosphere. Red, blue, green, purple, any color can make the dull summer bring a different sense of freshness!


There are also simple and elegant gradient colors. In recent years, girls have chosen the most designs. They can be faded from the same color system. The overall feeling is gentle and beautiful!
Let you mix and match as you like.

The long-lost blue-gray manicure is really worth a try. Even if it is a solid color, it looks so individual and has a feminine alternative sex. Can you resist this temptation after reading it? The nails that make people feel clean and comfortable are too eye-catching. The color of the nails that every girl should try is mysterious and rare.

I hope that you can find a nail design suitable for you in the world of solid color nails! Click NEXT PAGE below to see more hottest Solid Color nails.