22+ Fascinating Smokey Eye Makeup Ideas 2019

Smoky makeup, also known as panda makeup (old generation likes to call it), is a kind of makeup. The smoky makeup breaks through the old rules of eyeliner and eye shadow, and it is in the eye socket. Because there is no trace of the connection between the colors, like the smog, but often with black and gray as the main color, it looks like a trace of charcoal fire, so it is called smoked makeup.

In general, smoky makeup always seems to give a more exaggerated impression. In fact, this has something to do with the choice of eye shadow and the weight of the makeup.

The “little smoky makeup” developed on the basis of exaggerated smoky makeup is more to take into account the needs of ordinary people, more to use light-colored eyeshadow, close to the skin’s true color, to create a feeling of flattery without excessive publicity.


In addition, through the different shades of the same color eye shadow, the smoky eyeshadow that is created by overlap is very popular. In terms of the lips, it is generally recommended to choose a brown or champagne lip gloss. The thick lips that are carefully depicted highlight the sexy side and are more harmonious with the overall feeling. You can also choose a light orange. If you choose the color of the jelly makeup like pale powder, it is a bit awkward.

If you bring a touch of metallic luster, the level of smoky makeup will be even higher! It is recommended to match the champagne blush, brushed near the cheekbones, even if it is a round baby fat face, you can instantly express the bone. It has a visual effect.

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