15+ Gorgeous Marble Nails Art Designs 2019

Seeing enough fresh flower patterns, and I don’t want to repeat the elegance of French manicure. Today I recommend a unique and temperamental nail art – marble manicure. The classic color scheme of black and white and the pattern of marble pattern make the overall nail shape look beautiful!

It is easy to make any manicure more stylish and interesting. The marbled effect is cool and versatile and can be dressed up to be chic and professional or given a little artistic flair to make it stand out in a crowd.


Applying nail art can be unexpectedly challenging, but marbled nails are surprisingly simple to apply. If you want to create a marble nail effect on your own, you just will need a bowl of water, some nail polishes, and a toothpick. Paint your nails the desired base color and let dry. After the base coat is dry, begin to drop nail polish into the bowl of water, each drop on top of the previous one.

When you have the desired color combination, swirl the polish with the toothpick, creating the marbled effect. To transfer the design to your nail, dip your nail into the swirled polish and carefully lift your finger out of the water. To make cleanup easier and avoid getting nail polish all over your finger, you can use masking tape to protect your finger and leave just your nail with the marble design.

The best part of this nail art design is that it dries extra quickly – just pop your favorite top coat on and go! Click next page to see more beautiful marble nails.