12+ Best Summer Nails Art Designs 2019

Are you ready to be fashionable and refreshing in the summer? We choose summer clothing, cosmetics will be from the color or simple combination of the main tone, on the nails can boldly match the taste of summer, so that the hot summer is full of youthful atmosphere. So we choose the summer nail color And the most fashionable styles are designed for your beach holiday, formal occasions and all occasions.

Multicolor matching nails

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Colorful is very friendly to nails, especially in summer. With the same color of blue, each color is different, nails are really full of vitality, with cool jeans and short skirts can make you get back on the street. Pink blue is a must-have color in the summer of recent years. A single nail is matched with pink, simple and fashionable, suitable for all occasions!

Gradient color nails

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Source: nail_sunny
Source: nail_sunny

The pink color has always been the girl’s preferred color, full of romance and elegance. What is it different in the summer? Simply add a broken diamond crystal to match, it is particularly gentle. You can also add the most full color of the same color to the purple, to make a gradient, gentle and playful.

Broken diamond nails

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It is said that pink is a color that girls like very much. It is also very important to match broken diamonds and crystal nails. Simply add glitter and feel elegant! Painting crystal nails can make your fingers slender, simple and broken diamonds, really stylish!

Solid color series nails

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Choosing a solid color in the summer is certainly not wrong, and the trend of fashion will not fade. We chose a white background glitter to set off a particularly gentle, pale pink no matter what the shape of the nail can be controlled. Suitable for everyday scenes, dating, beaches, etc!