Unicorn Coloring Pages

Unicorns are unicorns, a mysterious creature in the legend. It is usually described as a slender white horse with a spiral horn on the forehead (this is also a characteristic of unicorns). There are many different opinions about the form of unicorns. Some say it looks like a big horse with a horn on its head, and it is a creature that is difficult to tame. Some people think it is a goat-like creature, a unicorn, a sacred creature, and some peoples even believe in unicorns.

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The ancient Roman naturalist Pulis described unicorns as being like elephants on all fours, with lion tails, upper body like goats, and a black spiral horn on the head. They are extremely ferocious monsters. By 380BC, a Greek philosopher Ctessias made a universal form of unicorns. He said that unicorns are a kind of wild life in India, with a white body, purple head, blue eyes, a straight and hard horn, white background, medium black, and red top. This may be formed by deifying the unicorn rhinoceros (also known as the Indian rhinoceros, scientific name Rhinoceros unicornis).

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