Popular Ring Trends in Summer 2019

Unlike the traditional ring, the knuckles are worn on the interphalangeal joints, also known as the Midi Ring, which has been sought after by fashion trends in recent fashion shows. Through the dress between the hands, express the most authentic one, the small and individual choice of matching, echoing the overall clothing shape, embellish the exclusive fingertip scenery. The knuckles are very cheap, but it’s also easy to create a sense of style.

1.Cute star midi ring

First of all, this knuckle ring is an open ring, which determines whether the girl with thin fingers or the girl with thick fingers can wear it. It belongs to the wild model. A big one and a small one wear a good personality, and it does not affect the finger activity at all. I will like this when I see this!

2. Twist midi ring

Wear a midi ring must choose a small and exquisite look! Like this ring is very meticulous, the key is that the color of silver shows the hand white, whether it is worn on the index finger or the middle finger, or on the ring finger is nice.

3.Mix midi ring with other rings

It includes the midi ring, the tail ring, etc. Each one is different size. According to the thickness of the finger, any set of favorite styles, mix and match to wear more style.

4. Smooth and thin midi ring

Ultra-simple knuckle ring, more ready to wear on a few different fingers. The mirror polishing technique makes the surface of the ring bright and textured. People are easy eye-catching by the bright knuckles.

5. Bamboo midi ring

I recommend this ring mainly because I like the feeling of this bamboo design too much. It is not the same as an ordinary ring. It is not a round shape, but a sleek polygon. It is also more solid.

In fact, any ring is worn with care, not what we want to look like, good matching can give people a bright feeling, but if it is not properly matched, it will cause counter-effects, so when we choose the ring to wear, Be sure to pay attention, not too casual.