How to choose a yellow nail design summer in 2019

Gentle yellow is one of the essential choices for spring and summer. Why? Yellow is the brighter color in the color system, and yellow symbolizes self-confidence and intelligence. It looks naive, romantic and delicate. Of course, the pure color of the nail is the easiest, then how should we choose, with the color to make the bright yellow become more fashionable and youth.

Shiny light yellow nails

The nails are dominated by clear crystal. One of the nails has a slender design that makes the overall fingers more slender and slender. In addition, add 1-2 nails to cover the glitter, but it must be separated by distance. The beauty is reflected in the gentle, fashionable and Sven design. Suitable for occasional offices, appointments, parties, weddings. The trend of this nail is a better style now, you can diversify and match, it is not bad!

Sunflower yellowish flower nails

Flowers have always been a friendly mix of nails, especially suitable for spring and summer, full of sunshine, youth, and healthy taste. You can choose 1-2 flowers on your nails. The flower design doesn’t need to be too standard. You can paint according to your own thoughts. This looks more personal.

Painting light yellow and stickers


Stickers are actually a more common design as accessories. The advantages of general use are convenience and style. Sticking up can also be freely matched with the style you want, without losing the sense of fashion, the design can also simply add the feeling of marble, a small amount of white to match is also very good. If you want to increase the brightness of yellow, you can increase the glittering powder to make a certain nail more prominent, the overall design is prominent, and the sun is summery.

Broken diamond yellow nails

Earlier we said that yellow is full of confidence and romance. The broken diamonds are also a very good match. The nails are mainly translucent, one of which uses a broken diamond and is designed with a broken diamond. Broken diamonds give people a feeling of high fashion.

Marble dark yellow nails

In the previous articles, I also briefly introduced the design of marble. Marble gives people a feeling of calmness and elegance. Pure dark yellow adds white marble to the matching design, the nail art looks textured and generous.

Geometric yellow nails


Geometric shapes and irregular shapes are actually a more popular design direction in recent years. It is full of more possibilities, making people feel mysterious and advanced. The geometric shape is painted with thick lines, and the simple diamonds are used to embellish, and the beauty can be presented immediately. It can be demonstrated in two ways: bright color and matte. The overall bright color highlights the elegant and stylish geometry, and the matte is more mysterious and advanced.

Dark yellow flower nails

Deep yellow with flowers, this nail needs to pay attention, transparent color with light yellow and youthful, deep yellow with milky pink flowers is more gentle, simple with broken diamond embellishment. The design make girls feel elegant.

Painting dark yellow nails

The painting tests the design level of the manicurist. In the summer, the design theme is butterfly, the painting line is black, the real, quality under the bright yellow, and the two nails are designed as a butterfly. One of the nails is covered with a broken diamond, and a butterfly-shaped broken diamond is selected. The overall design is very feminine. Stylish, beautiful and textured design.

Fruit light yellow nails

The pale yellow fruit represents orange, and the summer uses fruit as the main element, which is refreshing and interesting. We can use strawberries, orange paintings or stickers, and feel the hands full of fruit in the hand, it is a very fresh design.

Scrub yellow nails

The texture of the matte is gentle, if you have more bright colors, you can try the design of the matte. It will give you a different feeling!

Dark yellow plus broken diamond design

Dark yellow and bright colors will be particularly white. Simply use a broken diamond with a transparent nail. Add a single broken diamond to add a high-quality texture to each nail. You can also choose a single nail with a glitter to highlight the overall brightness.

Shiny dark yellow manicure

Pure dark yellow simply adds glitter, one or two nails to make a match, simple, refreshing, slender nails.

Cartoon series

Many girls have favorite cartoon characters. We can match one of the nails with a cartoon character. Xiao Huangren is very well matched with yellow, cute!

Gentle bright yellow + nude color

The classic gentle yellow + nude color to match, the beauty is self-evident. Pick one of the pure yellow bright colors, one nail is pure nude. Any match is very nice!