Best Halloween Nails Art Designs 2019

Halloween costumes originate from mischief, adults take their children out together (usually adults drive to the side of the road, the child said: “Trick or treat.” The adult asked the child to go to the door and have a holiday arrangement. Those who have lighted the lamp, otherwise they are not allowed to disturb.

In addition, they must always stand at the gate to wait for the sugar process. They are not allowed to enter the house. The sugar to be recovered must be given to the adults for inspection before they are allowed to eat. Food made for home, not for unpackaged food.


Halloween costumes, thousands of people, not just monotonous ghosts and devils. To make the simplest ghost costume, use a white sheet on your head and lick two holes to keep your eyes. If you want to play the magician, put on black and black pants, then put on a black hat, and put on the top and top of the hat. A small rabbit was kept between them; the child put on white trousers, and then tied a flashlight on the back and dressed as a little angel on the head; there were also parents who dressed the children as their favorite cartoon characters.

In addition to clothes, Halloween makeup is also very important! Today I collected a lot of nail watches for Halloween parties! Let you stand out from the crowds of the group dance, and be the most exquisite and beautiful girl!

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