Bracelets, like other jewellery, can be worn every day, so you should choose carefully when you choose them. The size is too small to wear; the size is too large, affecting the appearance, and the bracelet is more likely to be touched. How to choose the right bracelet?

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The wrist is a more delicate part of the body. It will easily guide the line of sight of others with the movement of the hand, and attract attention. At the same time, it will affect the impression of others. The length of the bracelet is about 20-25 cm. Master the size. Too tight, it will affect the appearance and comfort; too loose, and will slide to the hand. Therefore, the length of the bracelet is generally worn on the wrist, leaving a gap between the chain and the wrist.


The necklace is a chain-shaped jewellery made of gold, silver, jewellery, etc., which is hanging on the neck. It is one of the ornaments of the human body and the earliest jewellery. In addition to the decorative function of the necklace, some necklaces also have special display functions, such as the rosary of the Buddha disciple and the cross chain of the Catholics.

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Wearing a necklace should be coordinated with your age and size. For example, a woman with a slender neck wears a faux silk chain, which is more delicate and delicate; the whip chain is thick and mature, suitable for older women. Wearing a necklace should also echo the clothing. For example, when wearing a soft, elegant silk dress, you should wear a delicate, delicate necklace that looks charming and attractive; when wearing a monochrome or plain clothing, you should wear a bright color necklace. In this way, under the embellishment of jewelry, the color of the clothing can be rich and active.


This kind of jewelry, after thousands of years of wind and rain, has been widely accepted by people and plays a big role in modern life. Or as a decoration, or as a token of marriage, or purely used to show wealth. It is such a common ornament, and people do not seem to have much research on it. It is just a book scattered on clothing and customs.

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Source: moonmagicjewelry

Couples tend to prefer platinum diamond rings when choosing wedding rings, and simple ones will also choose platinum nude rings. Generally, wedding rings are made of 18K gold and platinum. The hardness is high, and it is convenient to set diamonds and gems. Especially the pure, rare and eternal love characteristics of platinum has become the preferred material for wedding ring setting. The eternal love. In recent years, wedding rings are often no longer just diamonds alone. Colored gems such as rubies, sapphires, tourmalines, and emeralds are also popular among many couples.


Earrings are a type of earring that refers to earrings (earrings) with pendant ornaments. Sometimes earrings are equivalent to earrings, also known as earrings, which are the name for ear jewelry. The earring, also referred to as the earlobe, is part of the structure of the ear and is located in the lower half of the ear, the thicker part. In the most traditional numerology, the thickness and thinness of the earrings represent the fate of a person.

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At the 76th Academy Awards ceremony, Liv Tyler wore an extra long earring to shine. Julia Roberts, who has always been a fashion vane, also has a pair of slender and exquisite earrings under her fluffy curls, full of elegance.
When you walk into a jewelry store, the lady will enthusiastically recommend long earrings and tell you that this long earrings sell best this year. Although the delicate and delicate earrings are also very beautiful, but the light can not cover the long earrings.
In the famous jewelry of China Hong Kong Jewelry City, the longest earrings are more than 8cm. Although the length is so exaggerated, the lady in the store is still very proud to say that this year’s sale is the hottest.