39+ Charming Yellow Nails Art Designs 2019

Yellow nails, are you not afraid to try it? But as one of the popular colors of this year, how do you want to miss it!

I recommend 39 yellow manicures with completely different temperament and personality. No matter what style you have, there must be one that belongs to you!

Use yellow with some shiny nails, it will better play the effect of brightening the skin. Many girls think that the yellow nail art will show the skin black, in fact, the yellow can also play the role of brightening the skin. Especially soil Yellow, ginger, and so on, both temperament and fashionable colors, will not be black!


If you use a yellow solid color manicure with a nude color smudge, it will make the nails look more layered. If the fingers are all made of yellow nails, some girls are not very acceptable. This highly recognizable color will make They feel too arrogant, and with nude nails, it just relieves this embarrassment and makes the fingertips more harmonious.

Also, summer is really obsessed with yellow, even if it is a simple warm yellow, there is no extra design and matching, but the effect is still very good. Click next page to see more beatiful yellow nails.