37+ Best White Nails Art Designs in Summer 2019

White gives a clean and beautiful feeling. In the hot summer days, it is best to come with white nails.

White is neutral, and it is harmonious with any color. White manicure has always made the girls love and hate!

Love its fairy and simple, but hate it too easy to show dirty hands black. In fact, white nails can also have a lot of patterns, both good and not black, let me show you!


Fear of white nail art “wall paint” will appear dirty hands, in fact, white can be made into a transparent milky white, such as the hot stars, smudged, etc. is a good choice, fashion and fairy !

Similarly, reducing the white filling feeling, such as making French white or gradual white, can make your fingers more slender, and also ease the yellowish skin tone.

Adding color-shifting elements to white is especially fun and interesting, and the effect will be amazing! Don’t worry about it, you will get dirty!

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