36+ Stunning Orange Nails Art Designs in Summer 2019

Orange is the warmest color in warm colors. When you see orange, we can think of the harvest of autumn. It is a happy, happy, satisfying and happy color. The same orange is the most cheerful and lively. Color, let us feel involuntarily, has a fascinating magic. How can you miss such a beautiful color beauty? Orange adds color to our nails, making our lives full of color. We have chosen 36 orange crystal nail designs for you!

French orange manicure, orange and white are more suitable for fresh and lovely little princesses, plus lace, pearl, diamonds are even more cute, have a sweet feeling, but also suitable for girls in love! Rainbow Orange Manicure, Orange, White, Yellow with a rainbow-colored manicure will add a little pleasure to your life. We can also use some diamonds and pearls to match these small things, which can show the lightness, liveliness and cuteness. A special creative rainbow orange manicure.


There are many combinations of orange nails, but the small accessories are more matching, shell fragments, gold foil, gold and silver thread, and pearls, diamonds, each shape is different, the number is different, and the color of nail polish is different. Can be paired with different orange manicures.

Finally, the orange nail design with a longer nail length can be more sleek and stylish. Or you can keep the orange nail design short so they look shiny and polished, especially if you keep the nails soft square or soft oval. Rectangular nails help create a vibrant orange design. They are so gentle and more mature; I hope to choose the best design for your orange nails!

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