30+ Attractive Crystal Flower Nails Art Designs 2019

Girls are like romantic and beautiful things. I believe that many girls imagine that they are princesses, living in beautiful castles, surrounded by flowers all over the mountains, but this is relatively difficult to achieve.

Today I will share with you a simple one. Flowers at the fingertips, experience a different romance, beautiful and romantic flower manicure, transparent and noble, the temptation of fingertips!


There are many kinds of nails, and the styles are endless. However, in many nail designs, there seems to be no more romantic than the glass flower nails, so how much do you know about the crystal flower manicure?

Crystal-encrusted beautiful flower temperament nail art picture. The crystal-encrusted nails are as noble as the nobles, showing the graceful side of women’s grace. If you are a bride today, you should choose this crystal-encrusted nail art, which shows a luxury and beautiful style.

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