25+ Best Orange Nail Art Design 2019

Orange is the warmest color in warm colors. When you see orange, we can think of the harvest of autumn. It is a happy and satisfying color. The same orange is the most cheerful and lively.

Orange color let us feel involuntarily, has a fascinating magic. How can you miss such a beautiful color beauty? Used in our nails, we have added color to our nails, which makes our life full of color. Today I will share with you the orange manicure.

The orange system has a variety of atmospheres, orange, persimmon, sunset, wheat, camel, brown, dark coffee, the color from light to deep from bright to light, and then to the elegant and finally rich. Next, I will introduce some styles of orange manicure.


There are many combinations of orange nails, but the small accessories are more matching, shell fragments, gold foil, gold and silver thread, and pearls, diamonds, the shape of each small video, the difference in the number and the color of the nail polish.

We can all match different orange manicures. Orange manicurist is a stylish and classic choice for autumn and winter nails. Can make our life full of color. If you also like nail art, remember to pay more attention to the works of us.

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