24+ Attractive Pink Nail Design Ideas in Summer 2019

Pink manicure suits well for the girls of any style and character because it combines perfectly with other colors. Any kind of décor looks nice on the pink base too. Look at our variants of design and appraise the charm of the pink palette!

Pink nail color, really? Yes, really. Here’s an awesome nail polish idea. Pink nail designs can be a game changer if you combine the right elements for your manicure types. It transitions well from a trendy neutral to fun and bold glitter. Sometimes a neutral design means a boring flesh color. Instead of warmed over oatmeal or whatever flesh color suits you, choose a soft semi-translucent pink to stand in for your neutral. It’ll look great with your jeans and t-shirt weekend look or that tailored suit for your presentation. Get pink gel nails for a long-lasting design.


Glitter is a girl’s best friend. Nothing pairs better with a sweet pink nail color than different kinds of glitter. Use silver glitter for a fun pop, but you can still take to work or your boyfriend’s parents’ brunch. Use hot pink glitter for an awesome, summertime look. Use a bold rainbow or gold glitter for a nightlife designer nails look.

Finally, should you go short or long? Nail lengths can sweeten up or brazen up a pink nail design. Keeping pink nail designs short lends them an innocent and polished look, especially if you keep the nails a soft square or gentle oval. Long, square nails help a neutral pink design pop. They’re less precious and more grown-up; they scream you’ve got all your business together. They give a bolder but still subtle look.Long pointed nails with a pop of glitter or nail are a weekend or nightlife look. They’re bold and fashion forward. File them to a sharp point to remove any mention of “sweet” or “girly” from the pink vocabulary.

We’ve got 24 of the best pink nail ideas for this year to give you artistic inspiration for your next nail polish idea. Click NEXT PAGE below to see more Pink Color nails.