20+ Solid Color Nails Art Design 2020

As the saying goes, the hand is the second “face” of the girl. A delicate girl, of course, must have nice nails. Are there any fairies who like solid-color nail art? Today I will share with you some super beautiful solid color manicures.

Don’t underestimate them. Solid color manicures are simple and generous, showing the goddess temperament. They are very popular among girls. Today I will introduce some of my favorites.

Source: zack

2020 popular pure color nail art collection, several colors that are super white, simple and attractive. Okay, so much for today, solid color nail art is really beautiful, simple but attractive; exquisite and complicated nail art is very beautiful, but there are many inconveniences in daily life.

Pure color nail art is simple, as long as you choose the color that suits you, you can show amazing results.

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