20+ Best Green Nails Art Designs 2019

What kind of nail is best for a hot summer? I think green is definitely a good choice. The green manicure will make us feel a bit cool in the hot temperature. This color of the nail is very small and fresh, and the art is full of style. I will recommend several green ones for everyone. Manicure, I believe you will love it!

As a symbol of peace, green can not only give people a calm and beautiful psychological feeling, but also a symbol of vitality. A study by the University of Essex showed that green is a very special color. It is neither cool nor warm, and it is a central color. Representing freshness, hope, calm, comfort, youth, forgiveness…


The dark green manicure has a superb effect. If you don’t like dark colors, you can also choose to learn light green or earth green, which will have different effects!

Some girls will think that the green manicure may be a bit exaggerated. Does a nail art really look good? In fact, green is really beautiful, and there are many kinds of green in green. There is always one for you.

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