17+ Beautiful Nail Art Designs Summer 2019

The taste of summer is full of sweetness and youth, and the simple colors and simple patterns of nails can be seen very well. Then we picked 17 nail designs to start the fashion for the summer!

Gentle romantic manicure

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Warm-colored romantic manicures in the summer, girls choose a more color, it is very simple, cream with white really nice!

Transparent fashion manicure

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Transparent crystal manicure is the most popular one, which is characterized by the ability to visually change the shape of the finger, giving a sense of slenderness, thus making up for the regret of the hand shape. Crystal nails are crystal clear and white and natural. It can also be used with accessories as a flash drill. The fingers of the transparent flash drill are slender, suitable for occasions, and the dating party is also particularly suitable.

Colorful nail art

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The nail art pattern refers to the art of drawing a pattern on a nail with a paint pen. Painted manicure is one of the choices that can be extended to a variety of DIY nails on the basis of basic simple nails. It only needs a few simple strokes, a leaf, a small flower or a random hook stroke. There is unlimited imagination and beauty.