16+ Pink Romantic Nail Art Designs in 2019

Pink is an indispensable favorite color for girls. Whether it is an 8-year-old girl or a younger intellectual sister, the pink charm is unstoppable. It is full of romance, sweetness, gentleness and lovely taste. It will be surrounded by pink from the room to the daily necessities, mobile phone cases, clothes and accessories. Let the girls can’t help but fall in love with pink. In terms of manicure, the use of pink tones is a lot of things, adding small objects, shiny Swarovski crystals, rhinestones, tinsel, gradients, marble, etc. Pink is also very good in combination with other colors: white, Red, black, blue, etc. Any color you want can be.

Pink gradient series

Source: clawaddicts, nails_beauuty

The latest trends in nail art in 2019 are based on simplicity and refreshment. The end of the nail is pink-red and pink-blue, which is really harmonious and invincible! Pick 2 nails and add broken diamonds as an embellishment to make the beauty feel refreshed!

Pink crushed nail art

Source: fresh_nails_ideas_, tiffanynails_az

Pink solid color nails as a simple tone, adding two gradient colors, the smallest finger is covered with broken diamonds, looks very beautiful, and then uses 1-3 broken diamonds for top nail decoration, this nail is suitable for all occasions, including weddings, parties, vacations, etc.

Pink shiny manicure

Source: isabelsnails, newmoonnailsbar

Simply add sparkling nails with multiple shades, the overall beauty adds style, adding a layered feel to refreshing and elegant. Spring and summer are most suitable.

Pink flower series

Source: jawnnails, macandnailz

The flower is the essential combination of pink, choose a nail to make the flower, and add a broken diamond in the middle of the flower. The whole nail feels three-dimensional and beautiful. Then choose one nail to cover the broken diamonds, and the other nails are set off with 3-5 broken diamonds. The beauty of the nails is from romantic to elegant and extravagant.

Cute kawaii series

Source: magicnails_by_mag, polskiepaznokcie

One of the nail paintings is a cartoon character or a flower. The nails are rendered fresh and cute. If you feel more monotonous, you can add another color as an embellishment, but remember to use the lookalike color.

Matte series

Source: nails, nails.c0m

This year’s matte series of nails, also a lot of girls choose. It is only used in the final sealing layer, the texture looks very thin and simple. Of course, you can also add gradient, broken diamonds, bright colors to combine. If you don’t want your nails to look thick, the matte series is a good choice!

Accessories series

Source: nailedbyvu, nailfetishh

The simple gentle pink is embellished with a single matching accessory pearl. This series of nails is really nice. The top is made of light pink, and the tail is deeper and the gradient can be very gentle!

Solid color series

Source: b.a.nails_, lacquorice

Pure pink manicure is the simplest and refreshing choice. Don’t worry about adding any accessories, it’s not monotonous. Pure color is best for students and white-collar ladies.