15+ Fashion Nails Art Designs

Girls always want to look fashionable and love cute nail designs to set off their mood. If you wear fashionable clothes, nail art will make you more refined and beautiful. So what is the trend of fashion nails in the early summer of this year? I don’t think that the colors are too exaggerated, and the accessories can be refreshed and playful in the early summer.

Girls will want to be more feminine, she may choose pink, purple, big red, etc. will be particularly gentle and charming. Marble, glitter, and clear crystal can be used to achieve good results.

Gentle and elegant solid color

Source: gleamdealz
Source: gleamdealz
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Source: gleamdealz

The above four solid colors are the hottest styles in recent months, and translucency will make the nails more slender. The color system uses a warm color, pink, purple, bare powder with translucent is a very good match. The overall feeling is full of harmony, elegant feeling, and the suitable scene is also very versatile.

Broken diamond nail style

Source: macandnailz

This combination of broken diamonds is really good with any style. It can be very elegant with simple matching to the nails. We can match small skirts and everyday simple clothes.

Glitter nail style

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In front of it, pink, red, and purple can add points to the stylish nails. The shiny nail design in simple solid color nails looks charming and elegant, especially in the early summer season, the flash can add freshness and simplicity, the new trend here is matte nails, choose your favorite color and then match the flash. The overall feeling is soft and bold.

Irregular nail style and marble style

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Irregular nail design is a style that must be tried this year. Light blue with transparent crystal armor, long and smooth fingers, stylish. You can also paint in a simple pattern, making you the most special in the early summer. The beauty of the marble design is that the pattern is unique and beautiful. It looks very textured and interesting. The white color is the base color. Each nail has different lines. This marble nail is also gentle with light pink.