12+ Summer Acrylic Nail Art Designs 2019

Summer is hot, you should learn the design of these 12 nails and be bold to use the color. Make bright colors to be the main color, you can also use simple gray tones, transparent crystal tones are a good match, it is definitely the cute and refreshing series. The crystal texture nails look advanced, no matter what the occasion it is suitable! So we have selected elements that are suitable for this season as inspiration and guidance, that makes your nails more refreshing and beautiful in this summer.

Orange Fruit Acrylic Nails

Source: nailsdrip, standout.nails

Summer cute nails are used for soft tones, with warm orange as the base layer and a translucent crystal texture on the top, one of which is painted with oranges to be eye-catching.
Simple yellow is the main color system, adding broken diamonds is even more special.

Sequined Manicure

Source: putmeinmood, standout.nails

The pure pink and glittering nail design looks glamorous and elegant, especially considering the stylish colors. If there is a glittering pink embellishment in the nails, it will be more outstanding!

Nail Painting and Rhinestone Manicure

Source: standout.nails, zack_pn

Hot summer colors are more liked, everyone’s style is different, irregular rhinestones look very special. With a sunflower, it looks very special.

Marble Manicure

Source: beaunailss, mzzglow79

The beauty of the marble manicure design is that the pattern is unique and beautiful. You can never find one thing that is the same as the other. If you are looking for ever-changing nails, then marble manicurist is your best choice. This kind of nails look very interesting, you can easily combine them, you can simply add a little diamond embellishment, and the painting is also a good idea. Light-colored marble nails with rhinestones make the flowers look gentler.

Rhinestone Glitter Nail Art

Source: amoursnails, nailfetishh

The rhinestones and glittering nail design look more charming and elegant, the girls pink main color plus simple painting and rhinestones.
Gentle yellow and transparent patches are very cute, very suitable for any occasion!

Solid Color Manicure

Source: standout.nails

The solid color manicure that can never be wrong has always been the favorite manicure inspiration. It is easy to add a sense of transparency, so that the nails are refreshing and cute!