12+ Best Pretty Nails in 2019

The latest fashion trends of 2019 nails are revealed here. Let’s imagine what design nails would be the best before. Transparent crystal armor? Gentle matte texture? Painting design? Wait, in the past, these are some of the more popular nail designs. In the early summer, I think that youth and beauty are definitely a landscape in summer. So how should we catch this fashion? So we have screened some of the fashion trends of the recent nail art for your reference.

Purple transparent crystal design


Purple is full of romance, purple with nude pink is the most suitable, gentle, generous. One of the nails is covered with broken diamonds and feels elegant and stable. The most prominent is that one of the nails is made of purple glitter, which is as beautiful as a starry sky, giving the overall nails a gentle, romantic, high-quality design.

Gentle pink manicure


Pink is still one of the hot spots in the color, it gives people a feeling of romance, cute. Simply embellished with pink-purple glitter, the overall feel is particularly elegant and stylish.

Deep purple glitter scrub


Scrub has always been a gentle tonal texture, and it can be frosted throughout the design. This will be too stable, lack of fashion sense, see the author to use the texture of glitter to match, casual one or two nails to set off, the perfect design feels out, suitable for summer, autumn season. Full of elegance and style.

Cream tones nail art


The cream manicure is super gentle, because it has a white color, the color is mostly pink, the gold looks very slender, and the simple painting and glitter mix can make the whole nail a hundred times softer. It is suitable all year round!

Youth pink blue manicure


The summer wind is sweet, and the pink-blue crystal can look great without other accessories. In the hot summer, pink blue can make people feel a sense of coolness. You can also use the glitter mix with your heart, the overall texture is very fashionable.

Avant-garde design nail art


The avant-garde design nails contain silver glitter with bright pink, and can also be used with transparent crystal nails, a variety of designs in it. The avant-garde design is more intense. Irregular paintings also express a unique, very good design.

White pure manicure


The white manicure design has always been a popular manicure design, its core is pure, pure and refreshing. The most suitable nail design in the summer!